Duane's Canoe Outfitters

Partial Outfitting

In addtion to complete outfitting we are also happy to offer partial outfitting. We feel that these rates provide an outstanding value!

2018 Partial Outfitting Rates

Equipment Price Per Day
17' Souris River Canoe (Kevlar) (42lb) $36.00
17' Sq. Stern Canoe $20.00
18.5' Souris River Kevlar 3-Seaters (49lb) $42.00
18.5' Souris River Canoe (Kevelar) (48lb) $38.00
18' AlumaCraft Alum. Canoe (75lb.) $20.00
18' Ultralite Alum. Canoe (62 to 64lb.) $20.00
14' Boat $25.00
Canoe Motor Mount $3.00
Food, per person/per day $35.00
Canoe Carrying Yoke (free w/ canoe) $2.50
Bent shaft Paddle $3.50
Paddles (free with canoe) $1.25
Car Top Carriers $2.50
Eureka 2 Person Tent $10.00
Eureka 4 Person Tent $12.00
Eureka 6 Person Tent $14.00
Nylon Kitchen Fly $3.00
Packsack, large Duluth #3 $3.00
Packsack, large Duluth #4 $4.00
Food Pack, large, w/cardboard box $5.00
Food Barrel W/Backpack Sling $5.00
Sleeping Bag, freshly laundered $3.50
Foam Pad $1.50
Therm-a-rest $3.00
Axe with Sheath $2.50
Folding Saw $2.00
Griddle $1.00
Cook Kit, complete, per person/per day $2.00
Poncho $1.50
Coleman Gas Stove plus fuel/ 1 burn $3.50
Coleman Gas Stove plus fuel/ 2 burner $4.00
Life Jacket $1.75
Portage Wheels $8.00

  • To reserve the above items a $25.00 deposit is required per person.


We are glad that you are considering joining us this year, we urge you to contact us with the form below or see the contact us page for more information. We'll be glad to send you a brochure and trip planning materials.

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